House League
OCTOBER 1, 2020

Important info and answers to FAQ's

Important info and answers to FAQ's


**** Update - as of October 3rd, all planned activities have been postponed until at least Jan 1, 2020. *****

Hi all - as we get closer to opening day, we are putting in place a plan to ensure we provide an environment that is as safe as possible while remembering the whole point is for the kids to get back on the ice and play.  There will be further updates forthcoming, but hopefully most of your questions will be answered below.

Start dates What to bring Limits on the number of people
Player staging zones Entry, Exit protocols Return to play phases
Teams and player bubbles Game play rules Scheduling

When does hockey Start?

  • Tyke to Peewee house league: Saturday Oct. 17
  • Bantam House league: Wednesday Oct. 14
  • Midget House league: Monday Oct 19
  • Hockey School: Sunday Oct 18

What to bring

  • A signed Covid waiver.  Click here to download.  Please print it out, read it carefully, fill in the blanks and sign.  We will require one signed waiver for each player before they are allowed to participant.  If you do not have a printer, hard copies will be available at the rink.
  • Players are to come to the rink fully dressed save for Helmets, Skates and Goalie Pads.  Skate guards are encouraged, as there may be traffic areas lacking rubber mats
  • A mask is required to enter the building, players included.  No exceptions.
  • Bring a filled water bottle, labeled with your child’s name.  There will be no shared water bottles

Limits on the number of people

  • Only one person may accompany each player into the building
    Only one coach is allowed on the bench
  • During the initial phase of the return to play plan, participants will be assigned to player bubbles of no more than 20.  Refer to the section below on Return to play stages for more information

Player staging zones

  • We have designated two zones to be used by players for putting on their skates, helmets and goalie pads
    • All players with a given ice time will be directed to one or the other zones on entry to avoid two groups overlapping in the same space
    • Zone 1 is the 4 dressing rooms on the East wall.  Each room has a limit of 6 people total at any given time.
    • Zone 2 is the old snack bar area which can hold up to 13 people at once plus at least one, possibly two of the rooms along the south wall which can hold 3 people each

Protocol for entering, exiting and moving within the building

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time and leave as soon as possible after your ice time ends
  • When standing outside facing the building, the door on the left will be used for entering only, the middle door will be locked and the right side door will be for exiting only
  • Please form an orderly line outside the building, spaced 6 feet apart
  • There will be a screener at the door whose duties include
    • Screen people entering for covid symptoms (questionnaire)
    • Record the name and contact info of all people who enter the building for contact tracing purposes
    • Ensure all people who enter the building are wearing a mask
  • You will directed to either zone 1 or 2 for pre/post game activities
  • Players may remove their masks as they go on the ice but must put them back on as they exit the building.
  • When moving within the building, please make every reasonable effort to maintain physical distancing

Return to play stages

From a governance perspective, the DMCHL falls under the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), which in turn is part of the Ontario Hockey Federation which in turn is affiliated with Hockey Canada.

We will be following the stages outlined in the GTHL return to play document, which can be found here:

As of October 7th, we expect to be in the “first period” phase (see page 22 of the document).  Practically speaking, this phase allows for “bubbles” of up to 20 players.

Team Assignment and Bubbles

Enrolment in the Novice to Midget divisions has been limited to 40 players per division and each division will be initially split into two bubbles of 20 each.  This will remain the case until Ontario health authorities recommend moving to the next phase, at which point we may re-organize players within each division into 4 teams.

Whenever possible, we will ensure that members of Mustangs Select teams are together within a given bubble to allow them run practices separate from the house league without violating the rules.

Some divisions are already at capacity while others are still registering players.  Players/Parents will be contacted prior to opening day to inform them of their bubble assignment.

Game Play

  • Tyke division will be run by a professional on ice instructor.
  • The first few sessions of the Novice division will also be run by an instructor prior to transitioning to games
  • Novice and up will play 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 depending on the number of players available
  • Game play will be modified to reduce physical contact as much as possible.  Click the link below for more on the modified rules


  • The initial schedule will be posted soon.  Each “bubble” will be assigned a fixed ice time.
  • The basic schedule will be the same as in past years with Tyke - Peewee playing on Saturday, Bantams on Wednesday nights and Midgets on Monday nights and Hockey School on Sunday mornings



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