House League: NYHL Select Mustangs

Contacts and Tryouts

Age Groups

Participants in the Mustangs Select program do so in addition to participating in the DMCHL House Leauge.  To be eligible to step on the ice for a Mustangs tryout skate, players must either:
a.) Have been registered with and played in the DMCHL for the 2019/20 season
b.) Be registered with the DMCHL for the upcoming 2020/21 Season
*Note - Online registration for 2020/21 will begin  April 28th 2020,  Paper registration forms will be made available onsite at the tryouts



Contacts and Tryouts for 2020/21 Season
Select Convener:    Scott Anderson


Division (Birth Year) Contact Tryout Dates

U7 (Tyke)




U8 (Minor Novice)

Ryan Filson


U9 (Novice)

Jeff Dean


U10 (Minor Atom)

Looking for a Coach.  Contact
Scott Anderson if interested


U11 (Atom)

Scott Anderson


U12 (Minor Peewee)


George Bartzis

Theo Kalamaras (Manager)


U13 (Peewee)

James Rogers  (Coach)

April Moon (Manager)


U14 (Minor Bantam)

Sarah Elraheb (Manager)

Andrej Kastelic (Coach)


U15 (Bantam)

Carlo Morfidis


U16 (Minor Midget)

Chris Senior.


U17 (Midget Jr.)

Scott Anderson


U18 (Midget Sr.)

Rick Frise



Age Groups
The table below shows the NYHL Select age groups for 2020/21 and the corresponding DMCHL house league divisions.

Birth Year DMCHL House League Divisions NYHL/GTHL Divisions
2015 Tyke (Saturday mornings) U7 - Tyke
2013 Novice (Saturday mornings) U8 - Minor Novice
2012 U9 - Major Novice
2011 Atom (Saturday mornings / afternoons) U10 - Minor Atom
2010 U11 - Major Atom
2009 Peewee (Saturday afternoons) U12 - Minor Peewee
2008 U13 - Major Peewee
2007 Bantam (Wednesday nights) U14 - Minor Bantam
2006 U14 - Major Bantam
2005 Midget (Monday nights) U15 - Minor Midget
2004 U16 - Midget Jr.
2003 U17 - Midget Sr.